we believe in the power of community and the generational impact of economic empowerment.

We are building our community using our mobile platform to discover and connect our blue and white family internationally. This platform empowers entrepreneurs in our community to build and grow their businesses while providing an easy way for our community to discover and support them. The increased financial support enables our entrepreneurs to economically empower community members by creating career opportunities for them to financially support their families and more community owned businesses to continue the cycle.

We’re creating a community to economically empower generations of Blu.

Join us on our journey.


It's time

We Build the future we want to live in

our platform connects & empowers our community 

Blueconomy is a program with a purpose. I’m glad I decided to sign up. It’s great how easy the app is to update and communicate with other brothers and sisters. I anticipate great things to come and look forward to exploring the program’s full potential.
— Brother Ira Fall '85
Blueconomy is a doorway to a never before seen opportunity to network with brothers and sisters. What Brother Kenton has created is a product of innovation that will prove beneficial to brothers now and generations to come.
— Brother Kanai SPR '17