How do I use the Blueconomy app?

What is a membership code and what is it used for?

Our community is exclusive to its members. To keep the integrity of our community, we provide each member a unique access code which they will use to access our services and programs.

For example, our app is free for all members to use. Simply use your unique membership code and enjoy!


How do I get a membership code?

Once you sign up for either an annual or a monthly membership, you will receive an email with a link to our survey. Your unique access code will be sent to you via email upon completion of the survey.


What are the membership fees for?

The memberships help us cover costs to build and maintain the app and financially support chapters worldwide. Our biggest priorities right now are investing $10,000 into chapters as well as building the Android version so brothers and sisters who don’t have an iPhone can join the community. 

Fortunately, I taught myself how to code and developed the iOS version but need to hire a team to develop the android version and grow this project.

Everyone may not have the financial means to financially contribute to the community, so we’ve created various ways to make the app universally accessible. The different ways to obtain free memberships can be found here: https://www.blueconomy.co/programs/


Are memberships refundable?

All memberships are non-refundable.


How does my chapter receive my $25 contribution?

Once you have successfully signed up for an annual membership, we will send you a survey to fill out. In the survey, you will list your current chapter. After your 30-day free trial has ended and we receive your full payment, we will add your contribution to our list.

Contributions to chapters are paid at the end of each month.   


How do I receive my 30 days free credit for my referral?

Once your referral signs up for an annual membership, we will send them a survey to fill out. Ensure that your referral mentions you under the "Were you referred" section.

After their 30-day free trial is finished and we receive their full payment for the annual membership, we will add an additional 30-days to both of your memberships for free.


How can I request a feature?

Send us a message! We'd love to hear your feedback.