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When I first thought of Blueconomy 4 years ago, I didn't know how to build sophisticated mobile apps nor did I have the money to pay $140+/hour for a developer who did. So, I didn't pursue it. 

Until one day I decided to quit my job, learn to code full-time and build this project from the ground up. It took 9-months of intensive training, sometimes studying for 16-hours straight, before I was able to build the first version of Blueconomy.

Many of you are in this same position. You have a great idea that could help many people, but no way to bring it to life. Entrepreneurs are at the center of our Blu economy, thus it is our duty to encourage and support more women and men to pursue their dreams so they can help improve our community.


We've developed the Blu Entrepreneurs program to help members of our community bring their ideas to the real world. If you are accepted into our program, our team will build the first version of your app idea and publish it live on the App Store. 

- Brother Kenton

Alpha Nu Sigma - Oakland, California

Deadline to apply is December 1, 2018

*Must be an active Blueconomy member to participate