The Economic impact of Our decisions

It is the duty and responsibility of those of us who have the power, knowledge, and ability to create and provide opportunities for ourselves, our communities and our future generations.

There are no decisions we make, which only impact ourselves. Everything we do has an impact on ourselves, those around us, and those who will come after us.

What are we creating today that will benefit generations to come?

What legacy will we leave behind?


how understanding economics is the key to financial freedom.

To be free has taken on a new meaning for us in today’s climate. To be free means, to be responsible for our economic affairs.

Where we decide to spend and invest our money impacts not only our future, but the future of everyone around us and generations after us.

Malcolm X’s theory on the “Circular Economy” outlines the importance of investing in our community for the overall growth of everyone within our community. 

When we decide to spend our money in different communities, the economy of those communities prospers and grows; and the economy of our own communities diminishes and eventually deteriorates.

Spending drives the economic engine of any society. One person's spending becomes another person's income. Eventually, every dollar we spend, in turn becomes someone else’s earnings. In addition, every dollar we earn, is a dollar someone else has spent with us. So when you spend more, someone else earns more. - Ray Dalio (The Economic Machine)

When we invest our money within our communities, the members of our community prosper. And they're able to provide more for their families who are then able to invest more in our community and help others flourish and continue the cycle.