In today’s climate, to be free has taken on a new meaning. To be free means, to be responsible for our economic affairs. 

The world’s population is growing at an exponential rate and the gap in unequal access to rapidly evolving technology and basic living needs is expanding uncontrollably. 

Competition for resources, such as jobs and housing, is intensifying and leaving many of us feeling helpless as we watch our people being pushed out of the homes and communities they've lived in their entire lives. We watch as our recent college graduates are spending months, sometimes years, unemployed as they search for low paying jobs only to pay thousands of dollars towards their student debt.


Imagine living in a society that embodies a value system which puts our people, who have patiently waited as little has been done in terms of changing our living situations, first.

Imagine instead of watching you could actively help your Sigma brothers and Zeta sisters afford food for their families and afford to keep the house they grew up in as a child.

Imagine creating a world where we build Blu owned businesses who use our financial support to create jobs and build wealth within our communities so we can pass down the wealth to future generations similar to other communities.

Many of us spend much of our lives watching and wondering what we could do to help and make a real difference. The first step is to invest in the economy within your community and recirculate money amongst the people. This is our goal with Blueconomy and this is your opportunity to be a part of this historical movement.


The Solution: Building and investing in Blu owned businesses

Spending drives the economic engine of any society. One person's spending becomes another person's income. Eventually, every dollar we spend, in turn becomes someone else’s earnings. In addition, every dollar we earn, is a dollar someone else has spent with us. So when you spend more, someone else earns more. - Ray Dalio (The Economic Machine)

When we decide to spend our money in different communities, the economy of those communities prospers and grows; and the economy of our own communities diminishes and eventually deteriorates.

Malcolm X’s theory on the “Circular Economy” outlines the importance of creating and investing in businesses to support the for the financial growth of everyone in the community. 


How can I make an impact? What is Blueconomy?

Blueconomy is the next generation mobile platform connecting blue and white internationally while helping recirculate money within our community to build wealth for future generations.  

Blueconomy was founded in January 2018 by Brother Kenton D. Raiford to connect and economically empower Zetas and Sigmas internationally. Our app and programs help members build businesses, find and support those businesses, hire members in the community and so on. The circulation of money within the community allows all participants to increase their overall financial wealth and better provide for their families, community and future generations.

Since launching, we’ve connected over 400+ Sigmas and Zetas from California to Japan and have given Blu entrepreneurs  a place to share their journey and promote their business.


What Can You Do On the Blueconomy App?


  • Stay updated on the latest news - Stay updated on news in the community and learn more about the stories of young Blu entrepreneurs internationally.
  • Discover and connect with Blu internationally - Easily find and message brothers and sisters from chapters in every region of the world. 
  • Bridge the communication gap between grad and undergrads - This is an excellent opportunity to connect and help build the relationship between undergraduate and their graduate chapters.
  • Learn more about your brothers and sisters - Each profile will help you learn more about your Blu family, what each person does, and more about their personal journey.



  • Find and stay updated on all chapter events worldwide - Have you ever traveled to another state and wondered what events frat or sorors were organizing? Now you have all the information at your fingertips.
  • See who’s attending each event - Not only can you see every chapter event, but you also see a full list of who’s planning on attending.



  • Discover and support Blu owned businesses around you - It’s now easier than ever to find Blu owned businesses locally and online.
  • Share and create job opportunities - You can share employment opportunities you or the company you work for are offering with your community. Don’t forget to offer a referral!
  • Find freelancing and career opportunities - You can find a list of freelance jobs and open employment positions posted by other members.


What’s Next for Blueconomy? How can we support the movement?

We are focused on bringing three items to our community:

  1. New features to the current Blueconomy app.
  2. The Android version of Blueconomy to connect our brothers and sisters who do not have an iPhone.
  3. Begin financially investing in Blu-owned startups to begin creating the job opportunities we discussed earlier.

We are continuing to grow but we can’t do it without your help. Because we are still in the beginning stage, we can’t afford the costs to take the necessary steps. By joining the community under 1 of the 3 available memberships, you are helping us on our journey to building a sustainable Blu economy for generations of blue and white.


WHERE ARE THE FUNDS GOING? How are you planning on investing back into our community?

  • App Production:
    • Fees for Android app production, new features, and updates after launching.
    • Continued improvements/maintenance to all Blueconomy online services (including database and storage costs).
  • Hiring Zetas and Sigmas at EQUAL pay. 
  • Investing in businesses accepted into our BluEntrepreneurs program.
  • Providing scholarships to our members.
  • Creating and investing in programs to support the members in our community.


Top 3 reasons to join Blueconomy?

  • You’re pioneering the creation of an economy which circulates our dollar to help build wealth for generations of blue and white families internationally.
  • You’re supporting the creation, development, and growth of Blu entrepreneurs and their businesses.
  • This is the only app to connect all of our blue and white family across the world. We’ve talked for years about how powerful we could be if we combined our resources and worked together, now we have Blueconomy.


This is our moment to create history.

This is your moment to join us on this journey towards generational wealth as we welcome a new era of Blu!