Our bond connects us. Blueconomy brings us together.

Blueconomy is the next generation mobile platform connecting blue and white internationally while helping recirculate money using Malcolm X’s theory of the circular economy. 

Blueconomy was founded in January 2018 by Brother Kenton D. Raiford to connect and economically empower blue and white internationally. Our app and programs help members build businesses, find and support those businesses, hire members in the community and so on. The circulation of money within the community allows all participants to increase their overall financial wealth and better provide for their families, community and future generations.

Since launching, we’ve connected over 400+ members from California to Japan and have given Blu entrepreneurs from all walks of life a place to share their journey and promote their business. We are continuing to grow but we can’t do it without your help.

help US BUild a better app

We started this journey because we saw an opportunity to help solve problems we saw within our organization. Sharing your unique perspective and experiences is invaluable and will help us prioritize our development efforts on what our brothers and sisters want most.

We joined our organizations because we understand we are stronger together. Help us create the best possible experience for you and our family.

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